The Freedom Hotspot cloud platform service allows your business to get more from offering Free WiFi in an innovative way
Insight and management of your customer flow provides information that generates value and marketing opportunities
Our customisable WiFi Hotspot service incorporates your business objectives and delivers value to your customers.

Welcome to the Home of Advanced WiFi Hotspot Solutions

WiFi for Cafes, Bars, and Clubs

Use Free WiFi to Increase Sales and Footfall and get Great Customer Insight

Retail Wifi

Using Social Media Your Brand is broadcast via customer owned mobile devices in your retail space

Medical Healthcare WiFi

Interact with Patients & Visitors in a Positive and Cost Effective Manner

WiFi Hotspot Services

Enabling Better Interaction Digitally with Customers & Gaining Invaluable Insight

Business Benefits of Free WiFi

Interact with Customers & Gain Invaluable Insight using Freedom HotSpot's WIFI CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System

WiFi Internet Terminals

Surf the Internet and Promote Your In-House Message

Free WiFi Hotspot Solutions that are more than WiFi Marketing Tools.

Freedom HotSpot provides innovative WiFi Hotspot solutions that deliver Free WiFi whilst generating value for businesses.  Our adaptable platform allows businesses an advanced way to control every aspect of using PINcodes, Self Registration, SMS and more.

HotSpot solutions from Freedom HotSpot have been developed over 9 years to give you an evolved marketing solution that addresses your needs.  Call us today for a free review of your existing or new project for a conversation about how Guest and Visitor WiFi can benefit your business.



Offering Free WiFi to customers helps develop customer loyalty.

We understand every business wants to develop more business and retain existing business.


Freedom Hotspot provides insights into how your customers use your WiFi service.

Use the Freedom HotSpot Platform to create your Service plan that is modelled on your specific WiFi management requirements.


Freedom Hotspot can customise to your business needs whilst delivering cost effective solutions.

Robust WiFi Hotspot Management and WiFi MESH Networks with no cabling.