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Freedom HotSpot Wi-Fi for Corporate Environments

Corporate organisations can benefit greatly in productivity and IT security by offering visitors and staff free Internet access using a Freedom Hotspot gateway solution; we call it BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) WiFi Lite.  Our Hotspot Gateway can interface with your existing wireless network (or be an indepdent WiFi Hotspot) and help you deliver robust, secure WiFi connectivity whilst also allowing you to control internet access and ensure security of data, and compliance to relevant legislation and internal information security data policies.

Why Freedom HotSpot WiFi?

With IT security and data leakage being the primary concern of every IT Manager, allowing access to the internet can be a sensitive subject. Breach of Digital Economy Act, CoCo, ISO 27001, DPA or other security related legislation and internal policies can be a costly and complicated affair. However the good news is that by installing Freedom HotSpot Wi-Fi, these concerns can be eliminated.

By offering a value added service to customers and visitors, a number of advantages are possible:

Security and Support

  • Freedom HotSpot provides a secure WiFi network which means minimal risk of security issues.
  • Freedom HotSpot provides full technical and customer support for both the business and the user. Freedom HotSpot provides full technical and customer support for both the business and the user (I’m not sure if this is actually correct!).
  • Freedom HotSpot provides full content filtering meaning illegal downloads and other unsuitable content is blocked as standard (this can be configured further and customised to your specific business needs as required).  
  • Freedom HotSpot allows you to control bandwidth usage and time limits to prevent abuse. 
  • Freedom HotSpot is easy to connect to, limiting the need for technical support for the IT Manager and/or multiple sites.

Speaking to your End Users

When end users, be they visitors or staff connect to Freedom HotSpot Wi-Fi from your designated location, you have the opportunity to place corporate and motivational messages in their field of vision using the Captive Portal which is broadcast at all times.  As corporate environments, don't usually have staff working 24hours a day, this along with a matrix of other features can be configured to shut down outside working hours.


Freedom HotSpot is robust, reliable and adaptable. Our highly sophisticated Freedom Platform is designed to allow each site to be set up uniquely to accommodate the specific needs of your business.


Providing a great wireless internet service is about more than internet access. Freedom HotSpot’s sophisticated solutions are scalable and adaptable to any scenario. Subject to budgetary and technical requirements, as well as the other needs of your business, our solutions can be customised to suit you.

New or existing WiFi Network

Whether you have an existing Wireless Network (with or without a ‘hotspot’ element) or wish to have a full network refresh, we can provide a free review with no obligation. By leveraging existing investment in technology we can ensure that implementation is fast and economical as well as being environmentally friendly.

Our years of experience with different networks and technical configurations allow us to be well placed to migrate or upgrade your network seamlessly.  Moving away from any existing provider can be done smoothly without punitive cost or downtime.


Offering Free WiFi to customers helps develop customer loyalty.

We understand every business wants to develop more business and retain existing business.


Freedom Hotspot provides insights into how your customers use your WiFi service.

Use the Freedom HotSpot Platform to create your Service plan that is modelled on your specific WiFi management requirements.


Freedom Hotspot can customise to your business needs whilst delivering cost effective solutions.

Robust WiFi Hotspot Management and WiFi MESH Networks with no cabling.