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Freedom HotSpot Wi-Fi and your Hotel

Keeping Guests Informed

The Captive Portal is sometimes seen as hindrance to the customer WiFi journey.  With our easy and customisable path to simple and meaning WiFi access, we’ve transformed the Captive Portal to be more interactive tool for both the guest and the hotelier.  Leveraging your existing investment in your online presence, we create a level of interaction like never before as well as increasing brand engagement.

Driving Value from WiFi

Understanding your guests through insight and analytics in different areas from demographics and online and usage activity reports can yield important data that can be mapped to other processes in your business.

Making Login Easy

Freedom Hotspot OneWiFiLogin [copyright] is all about making the login process and online session continuity simple for everyone.  Our seamless login approach is just that and can be configured in a number of different ways subject to business requirements.

Optimise your Guest WiFi experience

Creating a multi-tier WiFi Hotspot service creates opportunities to differentiate groups of customers and guests.  This strategy can increase occupancy and fundamentally make a difference to profitability.  Freedom Hotspot can advise on cost effective and feature rich options that are suitable for your business that will revolutionise how you offer WiFi to your guests.

Choice of Setup

Mesh Network

Click here to read more. Regardless which of the WiFi options you choose, all our advanced service benefits will be available to you.

This revolutionary technology offers many advantages for small to medium sites. With this networking method, a cost effective WiFi hotspot network can be deployed quickly without the need of extensive cabling.

Freedom HotSpot Gateway

This gateway device allows full flexibility and scalability regardless of the size of the hotel and can interface with any existing or new WiFi network as well as incumbent Internet connectivity (i.e. broadband, leased line etc.). Click here to read more.


Offering Free WiFi to customers helps develop customer loyalty.

We understand every business wants to develop more business and retain existing business.


Freedom Hotspot provides insights into how your customers use your WiFi service.

Use the Freedom HotSpot Platform to create your Service plan that is modelled on your specific WiFi management requirements.


Freedom Hotspot can customise to your business needs whilst delivering cost effective solutions.

Robust WiFi Hotspot Management and WiFi MESH Networks with no cabling.