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WiFi Hotspot FAQs

Yes, the HotSpot gateway can work your existing network whether its WiFi or CAT5 or indeed both.

A Freedom HotSpot is about more than just offering great quality web access in a controlled manner. You can also use the gateway to broadcast your website to customers, allowing them to see your full range of products and services. They’ll only be able to access your website and any others you ask us to give free access to.

If you have a website this can be integrated as a login portal. In addition we can provide marketing stands with login and sales info branded with you logo/name. Depending on the package you purchase we have a range of options available. Alternatively, you can collect email addresses for marketing purposes gathered as a part of the free login method, contact us for more details.

You will need a broadband connection that uses a router with a spare network port. This will be used for Freedom HotSpot to connect to the internet. Oh and also a plug socket for power!

Its’ very easy! We can pre-configure a gateway unit and send it to you. You'll receive it a few days after ordering, ready to plug in with no changes required to your existing set up or broadband router. If you have an existing network that you want to incorporate, we can come to your location to reconfigure it (sometimes this can be done remotely).

There are a number of Freedom HotSpot solutions available, so whether you run a small coffee shop or a large hotel we will have a solution to suit your needs. Freedom Two and Three are fully expandable and can be added to an extended wireless network or fixed connection points if required.

We can create a login page that embeds your website. Any changes you make to your website are reflected on the login page automatically. Having a login page, helps ensure your customers know which service they’re logging into.

We are in the unique position of being able to offer a batch of PIN code vouchers included as part of your monthly fee. For the 'starter gateway' solution vouchers can be purchased separately.

A Freedom HotSpot gateway allows you to offer controlled wireless internet access at your location in a secure and cost effective way.

Providing your customers with free WiFi internet access enhances the image of your brand and sets you apart from your competitors. There are numerous benefits to installing Freedom HotSpot WiFi which add value to your business. Click here to read more about the business benefits.

Let us guide you to the right solution for your business...

Freedom HotSpot is dedicated to facilitating both FREE WiFi Internet access as well as revenue based business models for the benefit of our clients and their customers. We can assist no matter what sort of hospitality or retail business including non-profit organisations you are by implementing a solution that is focused for you. Our objective is to work with you to help make WiFi a success in your business.


Offering Free WiFi to customers helps develop customer loyalty.

We understand every business wants to develop more business and retain existing business.


Freedom Hotspot provides insights into how your customers use your WiFi service.

Use the Freedom HotSpot Platform to create your Service plan that is modelled on your specific WiFi management requirements.


Freedom Hotspot can customise to your business needs whilst delivering cost effective solutions.

Robust WiFi Hotspot Management and WiFi MESH Networks with no cabling.