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Generate Value from Free WiFi

Hospitality and other environments where there are guests and visitors have a need to optimise dwell time or indeed make footfall more meaningful whilst creating a seamless experience. Utilising a flexible approach, this audience of potential current and future customers can be converted into loyal multi-faceted revenue base. Whilst WiFi keeps customers connected, Freedom Hotspot can help keep your business engaged with them, both during and post visit.

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Transform WiFi into a Guest WiFi Experience

Servicing entire properties or indeed high density areas with a reliable, consistent and manageable WiFi service requires more than a WiFi infrastructure. An essential component that provides intelligence is Freedom Hotspot’s cloud based platform. The guest journey from initial WiFi network touch point is a marketing driven opportunity for brand engagement and nurturing loyalty.

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Providing Wifi with Purpose

Guest WiFi has evolved to now become a critical value add for hotel customers, Guests & Visitors when selecting a hotel to book. This essential service offering has the possibility to be more than a cost centre for hospitality. Leveraging this demand with Freedom Hotpot’s WiFi platform, it is possible to generate value from offer Free WiFi, also referred to as monetizing. Data that is captured and detected as part of the Guest WiFi experience can provide insights and knowledge that reveals marketing collateral.

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Guest WiFi Innovation

  • Seamless OneWiFiLogin
  • Customisable Data Capture
  • Advanced Login inc. PMS
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Automated Engagement Tools
  • Online Review Capture
  • Family Friendly Filtering

Our Awesome Features

Multi WiFi Vendor Approach

We install WiFi networks that are right for your business and venue from our list of branded and express range of vendors.  Alternatively we can onboard your existing WiFi infrastructure to deliver the Freedom Hotspot Guest & Visitor WiFi service.


Receive daily, weekly, automated monthly reports as to how your Guest & Visitor WiFi is being used.  These can be downloaded from the Client Dashboard or received via API into your inhouse systems.

Secure and Protected WiFi

Secure and Protected WiFi.  Utilising Service Profile features and content filtering (IWF accredited), we make WiFi safe, secure and compliant.

Seamless Login

Using Freedom Hotspot’s OneWiFiLogin strategy the login process becomes seamless and results in a positive customer WiFi journey.

Data Capture & Demographics

Customisable to your business and venue allowing richer data to be gathered and meaningful insights.

Customer Insight & Analytics

Drive value from knowing your customers, where and how they use WiFi at your business that delivers Actionable Insights.

Reliable & Robust WiFi

Deliver a positive WiFi experience to your customers combing great WiFi network technology and the intelligence from Freedom Hotspot’s cloud based Guest & Visitor WiFi service.

Client Dashboard

Your window into how your Guest & Visitor WiFi is being used, data being gathered as it happens, in real time.

Monetise WiFi

Generate value from Free WiFi.  Understand how data gathered and detected can help you increase margins and benefit from efficiencies.


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