Providing WiFi in public areas for the public where numbers of devices can fluctuate from a few to several hundred at any given time can be a challenge. With no specific store or other location where equipment is located can result in disparate positioning of WiFi infrastructure and uneven wireless coverage. Whilst gathering statistics of connections is useful, insight can deliver deeper understanding.

Freedom Hotspot WiFi can transform the need for offering WiFi to members of the public into a proposition that delivers value, efficiencies and opportunities to manage local services.

Utilising enterprise grade Smart WiFi infrastructure incorporating Freedom Hotspot’s Visitor WiFi service a robust and reliable WiFi can be offered to members of the public in a seamless and managed way. Data captured as part of the initial login process is analysed by WiFi Analytics engine delivering insight into how the WiFi service is being used. Key indicators of this data can reveal where and how local resources are being used or should be focused.

For council locations such libraries (People’s Network), community centres and other public areas including commercial zones (high streets), delivering WiFi in a differentiated but focused manner can reveal engagement opportunities.

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