Restaurants and Bars WiFi has become an essential service that customers expect.  However challenges exist to make it do more and provide a value driven ROI.

Knowing who your customers are using WiFi Analytics can help to identify their visiting habits and engaging with them in an automated way could be a great way to nurture loyalty, enhancing margins and increasing profitability.

Freedom Hotspot WiFi can help optimise dwell time using Customer WiFi in a finely tuned manner leveraging existing internet connectivity and provide a positive WiFi experience.  Our cloud based WiFi platform ensures your WiFi performs well.

WiFi Analytics provide an insight into footfall within and outside of your premises giving you a picture of how many customers your site is capturing and converting.

Engagement & Loyalty – Freedom Hotspot WiFi can help to capture data about your customers, which in turn can help you not only to understand who they are but also market to them based on their demographics profiles and their visits to your business. Identifying your current and past customer visits we can help to measure loyalty, which will assist in marketing processes that are aimed at retaining and acquiring new clientele. This data can be used be to develop marketing channels directly to your customers.

Freedom Hotspot’s feature rich Customer WiFi ensures your customers’ benefit from a seamless WiFi service that is easy to use and deliver value for the business.

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