Creating Marketing Channels for Customer Engagement

Marketing channels allow your business to interact with customers based upon their criteria that identifies them as groups that correlated to opportunities for new marketing initiatives.

Key data that is captured (email and identify info), detected (language, device info) or discovered (visit info) from insights present the ability to individualise communications.  For example, emails that include the name of the recipient are much more likely to read fully and explored further compared to generic messages.  Whether this is during their visit or post stay increased engagement can lead to improved loyalty for your brand or location.  Freedom Hotspot gives you the control of managing the end to end communication flow by providing intelligence in metrics and data analysed.

Using data to focus marketing efforts, metrics can be used to measure effectiveness of marketing initiatives the business is taking in and around their premises.  Marketing focus based on establishing and nurturing ongoing customer relationships can yield a high return of repeat custom resulting in a lower cost of acquisition and ultimately higher profitability.

Freedom Hotspot WiFi can help quantify engagement and loyalty many ways.  Monetising WiFi is about leveraging captured and analysed data to reveal opportunities that will enhance revenue by increased profitability and lower costs:

  • No. of emails captured- (useful where initial booking was made by OTA and email addresses are not provided.
  • No. of FB metrics including Follows, Likes, Check-ins
  • No. of Direct Mobile Marketing metrics including Initialised Connections and Promotions Sent
  • Customers Reviews e.g. Google Reviews, TrustPilot and more