Adding Freedom Hotspot to your new or existing WiFi infrastructure enables it to be a smart WiFi solution that includes the following feature sets:

  • Seamless Login – using Freedom Hotspot’s OneWiFiLogin strategy the login process becomes seamless and results in a positive customer WiFi journey
  • Customer Insight & Analytics – drive value from knowing your customers, where and how they use WiFi at your business
  • Data Capture & Demographics – customisable to your specific needs and sector
  • Secure customisable WiFi Login – for managing how your customers login whilst ensuring usage results in increased positive footfall and optimised dwell time
  • Client Dashboard – understand and analyse your customers. This is your window in a transparent and easy to understand view.
  • Customisable Service Profile – to leverage bandwidth and optimise dwell time
  • Transforming Compliance into a business advantage
  • Customer Engagement – create a flow between your business and customers when they visit you and after they leave using our integrated marketing tools
  • Multi-Site Authentication for businesses with multiple sites – whether you have 1 venue/site or 1000, we can enable a single login for all sites or indeed for individual sites.

Freedom Hotspot’s goal is to deliver focused Guest & Visitor WiFi services to your customers. We achieve this by working closely, to understand your business environment, operations and therefore making recommendations that will work best for your specific needs. We align to your businesses as technology marketing partner of choice.

Using WiFi as part of the customer experience journey valuable data can be captured and harnessed, which in turn can deliver actionable insights for the business.

Guest & Visitor services are provided from Freedom Hotspot’s cloud platform in the form of a WiFi service resulting in a streamlined setup at your premises. We install and deploy new WiFi networks as well as onboard any existing WiFi infrastructure that may be present to transform current hardware setups into intelligent business tools.