With Freedom Hotspot’s WiFi Analytics programme, rich data about customers and footfall can be revealed.  This data can be used for understanding your customers and therefore enhancing your service offerings as well as optimising spaces, resource allocation and generally operating more efficiently.  Insight revealed from exploring this captured data can be invaluable to the business.

Key metrics identified in the WiFi Analytics Dashboard allow you find a deeper understanding of who your customers are.  When cross referenced with multiple metrics, a detailed picture can be revealed as to how your premised is being used.    For example, the number of visitors will reveal how busy your business is and how many of your visitors are previous known clients and how many are new ones.  Knowing this can be used to measure effectiveness of your marketing programmes as well as providing a way to track footfall numbers from one period to another.

Insight quantifying performance can include metrics such as:

  • Numbers of emails captured- great where initial booking is made by an OTA and email addresses are not provided.
  • Numbers of FB metrics including Follows, Likes, Check-ins
  • Numbers of Direct Mobile Marketing metrics including Initialised Connections and Promotions Sent
  • Customers Reviews e.g. Google Reviews, Trust Pilot and more

To take WiFi Analytics to a whole new level of insight, Location Analytics can reveal how your business square footage is being used including measure effectiveness of your store front/perimeter.