Customer engagement is a key asset in retail, from shopping centres to high streets.  Leveraging footfall traffic to understanding more about your customers is an opportunity to convert visitors into customers.

Free WiFi empowers your customers to explore further and to make purchase decisions. Utilising online tools such as WhatsApp enables your customers to become brand ambassadors creating excitement around products and services.

Providing Instore WiFi, data gathered can be used to measure questions like average dwell time, who are the customers, how often do they visit and which zones are visited freqently.  All of which WiFi Analytics is used to get a deeper understanding for a metric for instore marketing initiatives.

Customer engagement can combine the online and in store experience by creating valuable insight for use in marketing initiatives.  Captured and detected data relating to customers and visitors  as part of their visit can help to enhance engagement and nurture loyalty.

Find out more about how WiFi can keep improve the shopping experience and provide actionable insight.

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